Our Candidates

State Senator Christine Marsh

Senator Christine Marsh has served for four years in the State Legislature. She currently serves on the Education Committee, Transportation & Technology Committee and Judiciary Committee. She is the 2016 AZ Teacher of the Year. In that role, she had the opportunity to travel across the state to see first-hand the issues that public schools were – and are — facing on a daily basis.

Senator Marsh is running for re-election to continue her work to fund our public schools, combat the fentanyl crisis, and protect women’s reproductive freedoms.

Learn more at www.christineportermarsh.com

Kelli Butler, Candidate for State House

Kelli Butler served in the Arizona State House of Representatives for three terms over six years. During her tenure at the legislature, she served on a broad range of committees, including Commerce, Banking and Insurance, Government, Health and Human Services, and Appropriations. She currently serves on the Maricopa Community College Governing Board. 

Candidate Butler is ready to continue her work at the legislature, leading on healthcare issues and advocating for our families and children. 

Learn more at www.kelliforaz.com

Karen Gresham, Candidate for State House

Karen Gresham is the current President of the Madison Elementary School District’s governing board and knows what Arizona schools, teachers, and students need. She is deeply passionate about education and improving our schools. 

Candidate Gresham is a third-generation Arizona native who is ready to continue her service with the goal of creating a better Arizona.

Learn more at www.karenforaz.com