Our Community

Arizona Legislative District 4 (LD4) was created in the 2021 Redistricting process. It includes North Phoenix, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, the Biltmore area and Central Scottsdale.

LD4 led the way to a BLUE Arizona. Republican voter registration exceeds Democratic registrations by 11 percentage points, but LD4 voters elected Democrats Senator Christine Marsh and Representative Laura Terech, along with Republican Representative Matt Gress to the State Legislature in 2022.

In statewide races, Democrats Governor Hobbs and Senator Kelly had stronger support in LD4 than in the county and state overall, along with significantly higher voter turnout.

The Democratic party in our neighborhood is engaged and leading the way in electing candidates that share our values. LD4 Democrats host weekly activities, from voter outreach, town halls and community service to happy hours, house parties and other local events.