Invest In LD4 Democrats

LD4 has shown that time and money invested at the local level is the most effective way to influence elections. 

Investing at the grassroots level provides the biggest impact for your dollars. Our community of dedicated volunteers combines donated funds with our talents and thousands of hours to educate voters about our candidates.

In the 2022 election cycle, we raised $50,000 which enabled us to:

  • Open a campaign office
  • Canvass 70,000 doors
  • Make 18,000 phone calls
  • Mail 50,000 postcards and letters
  • Host over 100 events

As a results of our efforts, LD4 elected two democratic legislators in our Republican leaning district and contributed to the success of democratic statewide candidates.
It is now time to replenish our resources in order to build on this success in 2024.

Consider becoming a monthly donor today. 

We are experiencing a tremendous shift in Arizona politics, and all paths to turning our state blue run through Legislative District 4. LD4 Democrats are building a formidable grassroots organization that will deliver essential ground operations to Democratic candidates at all levels-local, state, and national.

Recurring support is vital for our ability to plan and be as effective as possible.

Donate by mail:

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Contributions can be sent to:

AZ LD4 Democrats
PO Box 13402, Scottsdale, AZ 85267
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