Welcome to LD4

Our district includes North Phoenix, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, the Biltmore area and Central Scottsdale.  Find out if you live in LD4 HERE or view a map of the district HERE.

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We host weekly activities, from voter outreach, town halls and community service to happy hours, house parties and other local events. Find like-minded folks that share your passion for making Arizona a state that reflects our values.

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We are working everyday to re-elect Christine Marsh and Laura Terech to the state legislature, along with Democrats up and down the ballot.  Join us!

Vote in Every Election

Elections are being won by razor thin margins.  Every vote counts! Learn how to check your voter status, find election information and track our ballot.

Invest in LD4 Democrats

Our community of dedicated volunteers combines donated funds with our talents and thousands of hours to educate voters about our candidates.

What We Accomplished

Election Stats

$ 25 k

Dollars Raised

40 K

Doors Canvassed

0 k

Phone Calls Made

25 K

Postcards & Letters Mailed